Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tatting with Fox

I have only tatted this far.
This is a pattern by Maranta that Fox and I agreed to tat together after a long tatting hiatus for me.
You can see her progress here.

Now, I am a little apprehensive as I start the next 2 rounds.
The long chains may be a little difficult to control.

How do you make long chains equal in length?
Measure consistently?


  1. That looks an interesting pattern, I have downloaded it and when I get time will try it.
    How would I do the long chains, count the stitches and hope, I think if you keep to the same tension during the round it should work out the same all the way around, in theory, in practice it's trail and error.
    Looks good so far, look forward to seeing how you get on.

  2. This is a lovely pattern in attractive colors! I wouldn't know you took any 'time off'.

    I admit I avoid patterns with long chains, as well as mignonette tatting! I have no doubt that you will tat beautiful chains!

  3. I would love to know how to keep my chains the correct length. Mine are always wonky. Your tatting looks beautiful so far!

  4. Keeping chains all the same length is tricky. When I was tatting a pineapple doily for the TAT patch, a veteran tatter advised me to pay attention to how I moved my hands. I tended to keep one hand still and move the other hand with my arm flapping like a chicken. No wonder my shoulder hurt! When I used the same movement each time, the chains were more consistant. So, take breaks and measure, measure, measure! Good luck.