Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Singapore F1 2017

This was the qualifying rounds on Saturday night - Vettel,  Verstappen and Ricciardo.

We did not watch the finals but congrats to Hamilton, Ricciardo and Bottas.

This year, we had a great view of the pit and watched Ariana Grande and Chainsmokers in air con comfort on a screen with free flow of food and drinks. We are not F1 fans but attend previous F1s for the concerts. This year, it was a different experience. It was an enjoyable night, thanks to J.


  1. My husband is jealous! - he's a passionate follower of Formula 1 racing. He has to watch it in another room though, away from me, because I can't stand the noise. Many years ago, when we were first married, I did watch a few races, but that was because I enjoyed the commentary by James Hunt. He died far too young, didn't he?

  2. As a F1 fan, I watched the qualifying races and the main race in
    Menorca on Spanish television, I don't know enough Spanish but I understand enough to know what was happening and who is who. Of course the best driver won, but I would say that being English and a fan of his. I am glad you enjoyed the race.

  3. Yes, Maureen, the sound is deafening. Sparks fly and they go fast over 250km per hour at this pit straight.

    Margaret, I am not a F1 fan so I do not understand most of what is going on, even in English. But it was still fun.