Thursday, 21 September 2017

Maranta WIP 2 - Unyielding Chains

Thank you to your suggestions for keeping the chains uniform. I was stubborn and refused to measure the chains. This is the result. After tatting, I need to push the stitches back. This is when the chains get uneven. It will have to do.

So far I have used Lizbeth Size 20 in Col. 620 Azalea Medium, 702 Coral Orange Medium and 184 Rainbow Splash. It sure is very colourful.


  1. I missed the your earlier post ...
    For long chains, I find size 40 thread works better than size 20 because the former has less elasticity.
    Also don't wait till the entire chain is tatted to snug stitches - keep snugging them after every say 5 stitches or so.
    Having said this, I still find these have a will of their own ;-P
    I've had this same doily on my to-tat list explicitly for this reason - to practice long chains !
    Your's have come out quite evenly.

  2. So good! I am mystified as to how you got the chains to work!

    1. Just blocking. Chains are still uneven in length.

  3. The chains are not obviously uneven and they look great! It's good to know that blocking can give the desired effect. This doily pattern is remarkable in its ingenuity! Amazing concept! I have no doubt that you will be successful!