Saturday 24 December 2016


This Jennifer Williams pattern from Tatted Snowflakes uses a ring in the centre which is tatted over. I used a 15mm closed ring for Lizbeth Size 20 thread Col. 152 Christmas Green. For the Lizbeth Size 40 thread Col. 147 Red Burst, I used a 12mm ring.

These could be hung on the tree as I made a loop for it. I tatted them in Christmas colours not for my tree (I do not have one) but maybe to include in a card or for someone elses' tree. 

I know I started tatting these snowflakes a little late but no matter, I can still include them as part of the gift wrapping.

Happy Carolling for Christmas eve.


  1. Very pretty and the ring will give a bit of weight for hanging.

  2. Interesting that you don't have your own tree! I hope you display your beautiful tatting in some way and don't hide it away!

    This looks like a fun pattern to do, and I like the spiral hangers. Great idea to use them for gift wrapping.

    Thanks again for your photos around town. The sleigh made from bottles is amazing! I also avoid the crowds as much as possible!

    Christmas Eve is always a special time.

  3. Beautiful! I especially like the green one. Merry Christmas!

  4. They are both beautiful, Hope you have a peaceful Christmas