Wednesday 3 February 2016

Flying Minor Norwegian Dragons

I wanted to tat this earlier but was scared off by the SSSR (Single shuttle split ring). I finally tried it but gave up and used two shuttles and split rings instead. I think the boys would really love these flying dragons. Too bad I ran out of perle cotton threads in red, otherwise one would definitely be red. 

The pattern is by Anne Bruvold. Thank you for a very interesting pattern. It isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Try it!


  1. This is very fun pattern and so popular love them!

  2. These are, of course, perfect additions to the blankets!

    I always thought I was the only one to not have tatted Anne's great pattern, so I'm surprised to learn that you haven't tatted it before!

    I also was intimidated by the 'single-shuttle' split ring, basically because I don't like to finger tat. But I came across Anne B's own youtube (see url below) where she uses an empty 'post' shuttle to clip onto the loop for the second half of the ring, thereby avoiding finger tatting. That half of the ring is always a little 'thicker', but it's not that noticeable. You have to advance the video to the midpoint to see where she shows this trick of clipping on the empty shuttle temporarily. So technically you are using two shuttles, but one is just a temporary tool.

    1. Thank you Kathy for the link to the video. Great tip to use the temporary shuttle. It makes it much easier, faster and less fiddly.

  3. When I saw that I would need two shuttles later in the pattern, I, too, gave up and made split rings. I learned the SSSR, but it was too fiddly for me that day and I got frustrated. Not only that, I was using size 10 thread and I didn't like the extra bulk. Right now I'm struggling with the wing pattern. I'll have to go check out the video, thanks for the link, Kathy!