Thursday, 7 January 2016

Squirrel Version 2

I remember that one of my make-up brushes is made of blue squirrel hair. I have also contemplated sending Tsuru's hair to be made into a brush.

Another pattern of Inga Madsen tatted in perle cotton size 8. Now can you imagine how much fun I had pinning those long picots.

Now imagine making a brush from Tsuru's hair. Should be soft against the skin.


  1. I love this little squirrel and the flower. I wonder if you could tat hair if it was long enough :)

  2. Very cute. I have that book, just haven't tried one yet.

  3. Love it, gorgeous squirrel, is this for your blankets

  4. This squirrel looks wonderful. Using a colorful thread for the flower is a great idea. Pinning all those picots is a fiddly job, but oh, how it was worth it. They look fantastic.