Tuesday 3 February 2015


How are my Marigold seedlings doing?

They are quite little but the first flower bud is emerging.

Can you spot it?

I have yet to transplant it into its own pot.

Will they be in full bloom by the Lunar New Year?

Rest assured, I will post a photo when the time comes.

Mom sowed her own Marigold seedlings after Christmas. 

Mine are a month older than hers but perhaps her Marigold seedlings will do better. 

You see, she has green fingers, 
mine are well . . . . purple.


  1. I have purple fingers too. Your marigolds are looking good!

  2. Purple fingers, I don't think so, they are looking good and yes I can see the flower, now all I have to say, orange, yellow, or tangerine colours.