Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Honey Bee

I wanted to try my hands at this. It was not as easy as I imagined. The wood was quite brittle and I did not have any sandpaper or glue so some pieces broke.

After fiddling with it with my 5-yr old niece, we gave up.

Only on the second attempt the next morning, we managed to get it done with one or two missing pieces / fragments. Touch it and it will fall apart.


  1. What a pity two pieces broke, but it looks good, I won't touch it I don't want to be the one who makes it fall apart.

  2. My younger brother used to love these, mostly dinosaur skeleton variety ones, a few insect ones though! He had a whole row of them on top of the bookcases in his room. I don't believe I ever managed to get one together myself though!!!