Wednesday 20 November 2013

Montserrat, Spain

The drive up Montserrat was quite amazing. Magnificent views of the unusual rock formations. The Benedictine abbey is also home to the Virgin of Montserrat, a black-faced madonna and the famous Montserrat Boys Choir. Unfortunately we did not see either.


  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them, you had a vast journey in Spain and Portugal

  2. On my 10 inch tablet your photos are spectacular! And you have me running to the internet to see more and to read about fantastic places in Spain. I would love to travel in person, but it's just not possible. You have me intrigued as to where you really are! :-) And when do you find time to tat?

    I can't believe the landscape of Montserrat and the monastery! Or the history! Wonderful! Thanks again for sharing your travel adventures!

  3. You're sharing some wonderful photos! These, and the Gaudi photos, make me want to travel a LOT more. :)

  4. What a very lovely vacation you had.. Such gorgeous buildings... Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy