Monday, 28 February 2011

Chinese Ink Brush Painting

Bamboos swaying in the wind. I think it is from a Chinese poem. If you know it, could you let me know who the poet is.
I understand that the brushstrokes are very important in this type of painting. The brushstrokes are the signature of the artist. This one is painted by Song Qi Xian. I shot a video of him painting this. It took about 15 mins.


  1. Years ago, I tool a number of Japanese Brush Stroke painting courses at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto.

    I adore Sumi-e... but I was not overly talented in the art. Not patient enough I assume. Same reason I cannot get into yoga. Too much unrestrained energy in this tatter!

    Beautiful painting.
    Fox : )

  2. I once got the pigment, brush and a ceremic pot at an auction but have never used it. The woman who used to own it traveled extensively and was an artist. I get it out, touch everything, set it up like I might...and then put it away again. I think I even have a book somewhere on the brushstrokes!

    (my confirmation word is "unrice". hmmmm)

  3. That's lovely!