Friday, 20 February 2009


I do not miss my yoga classes. One less thing that I need to do. My days are currently filled with things I need to do, not what I want to do. However my body misses yoga. It now aches. Some things are good for you even though it feels like a chore. Practice yoga on your own at home? Nah, it’s too difficult. The moment I lay out my yoga mat out, Tsuru sits on it. When you are lying on the mat breathing deeply, Tsuru starts kneading and sits on you. When you are in Warrior II pose, the neighbour across peers at you wondering what you are up to. Hmmmm.. I know it's just excuses? Isn't that why we go to the aerobics or yoga classes or the gym?


  1. I know what you mean. I'm an avid Jazzerciser and those classes are what keep me motivated. I find it very hard to exercise on my own. But I'm often relieved when I can't go to class due to some circumstance or other. Like you say, just one more chore that I can shirk.

  2. i used to attend yoga classes and the course fee was exorbidant. i think that's the way to 'motivate' one to attend... when work gets in the way and the monthly subscriptions just go down the drain... that's it, no more yoga in my life! although... come to think of it, the classes do help a little to dent my confidence -- inflexible me!

  3. I think the stretching is really good. Yes, the monthly subscriptions keep you motivated, doesn't it.