Saturday 28 June 2008

More buildings

This building is pretty new. I think La Salle College of the Arts moved from their old campus to this one this year. This is not a good photo but it was again waiting at the pedestrian lights in my car and quickly snap one before the light turned green. I wish it was a cool 20 degrees Celsius every day instead of 32 or 33 degrees and I would not mind walking around Singapore taking photos of things that catch my eye. Right now it would have to either be me in a bus or car in air con comfort.

This building is much older. It use to be the Hill Street Police Station, then it was (maybe still is) the National Archives and Oral History Department. Two years ago which was the last time I entered the building, we were there to look at paintings in the small art galleries housed there. There was also a photo exhibit at that time. I remember a quiet cafe where you could sit and enjoy greenery leading to the stairs going up Fort Canning. Fort Canning is just behind the buidling. I love the wooden shutters and the old building use to have a courtyard inside. It is glassed up and air-conditioned now. You either love the rainbow colours or you hate it.


  1. I LOVE the rainbow colours~ what a magnificent, colorful city you live in! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures!

  2. Yes some old buildings get restored and converted for other purposes like this one. Will share more photos when I have them.