Thursday, 29 May 2008

Blissful block kit from Pat

Pat so kindly sent me one of her blissful block kit to try out. I have never done crazy quilting and thought that it would be easier to use Pat's kit. I followed Pat's instructions which came with the block. I used backstitch but I could not sew straight so you see a lot of white space on the left and right of the girl's image. I did not have much experience of placing the pieces surrounding the image and ended up with pieces overlapping with edges hanging. I suppose I could cover it up using the ribbons or embellishments from Pat's kit or make the block smaller. Any advice from experienced crazy quilters?


  1. Wendy, you did a great job! You are supposed to have edges hanging,so don't worry about that.You can trim it to the square you show, or you can take additional fabrics and add to the left upper corner, laying fabric across all three fabrics. Press from back of square. Sew two additional fabrics together and use it as one fabric to sew across top green and peach fabric to the right,on an angle. You can continue adding fabrics this way until you build the block size you desire.
    Oh yes, do not worry about holes and white showing, crazy quilters fill these areas with lace,stitching, charms, buttons, etc. You are doing very well for a newbie.

  2. Thank you Pat. You are such an encouragement. I will do as you advised. I was just thinking to myself that I had better stick to tatting. I will continue and we'll see what happens. I'm inspired!!