Saturday, 19 April 2008

Crested pigeon

This is a crested pigeon. I love how blue it is and how delicate the crest feathers are; constrasting with its red eyes.

We seldom visit local attractions. The last time I visited the zoo was when we were hosting overseas visitors. The last time I visited Sentosa was when I was representing someone attending an opening ceremony for a Seahorse Exhibit. Why do we travel thousands of miles and visit zoos, theme parks and other attractions else where when we have not even seen what we have at home? Well maybe sometimes we just need to be a tourist in our own city.

A few weeks back, two girlfriends and I decided we should do just that. It was a refreshing visit to the Jurong Bird Park. The last time I visited was for a field trip a long time ago. It was a weekday and we were probably the only locals there among tourists from all over the world. We saw the crested pigeon among other things. We sat on a wooden swing overlooking a man-made lake and thought of what we were going to have for lunch. It was a tiring but good day.

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