Sunday 24 February 2008

Homemade mee rebus

This is mee rebus, a local dish which we enjoy. Last weekend, we ate at a hawker stall in Bedok which came highly recommended. It was Sunday brunch and because the stall is so popular, I had to queue about 20mins just to get a taste of it.

This weekend, I browsed through some recipes on the internet and decided to combine two and made my own. Top photo is before I added the gravy. The plate contains yellow noodles and bean sprouts with the garnishings (green chili, hard boiled egg, prawn fritter, fried bean curd, sliced beef and a calamansi lime). Second photo shows garnishings added after gravy was poured over. The gravy is made of beef stock, mashed sweet potatoes and a mixture of spices. It tastes slightly sweet and spicy. I still miss the version that my aunt made. That was yummy!! I wonder who has her recipe.

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