Tuesday 1 January 2008

Cranberry Bread

I found some fresh cranberries in the supermarket and decided to try making cranberry bread. Pat baked them and shared Terri's recipe. Thank you both. I bought 3 Sunkist oranges but could only manage 3/4 cup of orange juice. I confess I diluted it with water. I could not find the usual Honey Murcott oranges from Australia which I usually use for my orange cake. The smell from the oven when it was baking was yummy. It filled the whole house. I had half a loaf by myself with some Earl Grey tea. Some of the cranberries were very tart but the sugar in the recipe was sufficient. Do try it out when fresh cranberries are still available. Or as the package said. Buy two, freeze one.


  1. Beautiful! They look delicious. If you don't like the tartness, you could add half the cranberries. I agree, the sugar made up for tartness here and there. Perfect with coffee I think.

  2. The cranberries seem to all float to the top. Looks pretty. I will try it with my morning coffee. Thanks Pat!