Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Waterlilies, blue rice, landscape, chair and porridge

Beautiful blooms which I could not resist taking a photo of. I wish I had my Canon digital camera. Took all these photos with my Nokia phone instead. Waterlilies of various colours. Aren't they just beautiful?

Blue rice?? No it is not genetically modified. It is just dyed with the blue petals of the butterfly pea flower (Clitorea ternatea). The rice is used for making a local dessert, a nyonya kueh which is eaten with kaya (coconut jam). Hmmm.. have not had that for a long time.
There is a recipe here http://susanchuasg.googlepages.com/pulut_tai_tai.html
but I have never tried to make this myself.

I love the grass along this walkway with a water feature on the right. It is actually a landscaped garden of a shopping centre called Esplanade.

Love this chair too. I dream of lounging on it watching sunsets at the beach.

This is for a friend MM. She asked me to check out this porridge stall and I did. It was a nice change and had the porridge two days in a row. It was smooth with minced pork, kidney, liver, small intestine, egg, and the eu char kueh. Yummy with a distinct burnt charcoal aroma.


  1. Oh I love that chair too. I could see it on the beach watching a sunset and sipping a cool iced drink.

  2. I just noticed the flower which is painted on the beach chair. Its a native to Singapore called Kopsia. I saw this chair in Bangkok, Thailand.