Saturday 1 September 2007

Knitting with beads project: Teal green purse necklace

My knitting with beads project is done. It is a tiny beaded purse (5 x 6.5cm) to be worn as a pendant with matching beaded necklace. It's knitted in bronze brown silk thread with cut glass beads in teal green (1.5mm) with a bronze glass flap, embellished with bronze daggers (16mm length), green glass teardrop beads (6mm) and round faceted Swarovski crystals (4 & 6mm). Necklace is strung with Swarovski crystals (4 & 6mm), Swarovski glass pearls (bright gold, 6mm), fire-polished glass beads (metallic green & crystal amber, 6mm length) and emerald green cathedral glass beads. Necklace length approx. 76cm / 30.5inch (excluding purse). Beaded fringe of the purse hangs another 6.5cm down.

The 1st photo is for display only. It should be worn long. There is no clasp in this one but if one is added, you may wear it short (double layered as in the photo). This necklace is only a sample for me to keep. If you want one for yourself, I can custom make one for you in your favourite colour (depending on what is available).

This could be that glamourous addition to your simple outfit for the evening or a special gift for someone who has everything.


  1. Very beautiful Wendy! You are so productive!

  2. Thank you Pat. This is the new project for August. Hopefully I can make a few more as gifts before the next new project. Maybe crochet.