Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Trailing Abutilon

It is also called Chinese lanterns or Abutilon megapotamicum. They seem quite easy to grow but the flowers tend to drop quite fast. Before it blooms, the bud does look like a lantern.

I am waiting for my bleeding heart plant to flower. It has flowered many times but I did not manage to take a photo of it. A new shoot is growing vigorously but it has not bloomed yet.

Did you notice the new background. I have been meaning to change it. It was time. I was using the same background since I started the blog.


  1. Yes, first thing I noticed was the new background! Nice!

    I like blooms like this. Unfortunately, while buds are swelling, it's still too cold here for pretty flowers.

  2. I love this flowering plant you have! Isn't it pretty? Alas, I don't have green fingers so I can only admire people who do. :)

    Your new blog background is refreshing. Nice choice!

  3. Hello Wendy, I love your new look of your blog. I also love your Chinese Lantern plant. Truly beautiful. I wish you could someday have a walk in my gardens. I think you would enjoy it. Hugs Judy

  4. Your Chinese lanterns are very beautiful, they are not easy to grow where I live. Yes I have noticed you have changed your background and that your two kittys are on the other side!

  5. Great looking blog! Love it!
    Fox : )

  6. very nice wendy, I like your new look. you have the prettiest flowers, thanks for sharing. right now, we have sleet and snow. the calendar may say spring, but winter forgot to leave. your flowers just really brighten my day.