Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #5

Susanne Schwenke's pattern on page 18 of her Spitzen Ideen book. I am tempted to get more of her books. I love her patterns. Are you also a fan?

This will be snowflake #5. Hopefully this month, I will be able tat more snowflakes and not get too distracted by other patterns. This snowflake was fast to tat and very enjoyable. I am quite happy with it. Tatted in size 40 thread in white. This ball is a Japanese brand thread called LaPrimera Cotton Lace Yarn and it is made in Turkey.


  1. I thought I'd seen this pattern before but maybe not because suddenly I see the little "people" between snowflake points. I was thinking what an unusual bit of rings there and then it just looked like little figures. Very pretty. Along that same line of thinking of little people, then the points kind of look like a mother figure and the little people are children. Really - I don't usually see things in snowflakes. LOL!

  2. I did not see it earlier but now after what you saw, it does look like mother and child. The little people looks like babies now.

  3. They do! I never would have seen this if Gina had not pointed it out!

    It is a lovely pattern - I do not know this book or the designer. Where did you find the book? I believe you have said somewhere before that it is in German, but with diagrams.

    That thread looks lovely. Also never heard of it. Up close there is no fuzz and it looks a bit shiny. Nice. Is it a 6-ply?

    Interesting post.
    Fox : )

  4. Hi Fox,
    This book is sold at The Book Depository. Yes instructions are in German but it has the abbreviations explained in English so it is not too difficult to follow.
    The thread was on clearance which I bought years back. It does not feel like 6 ply and does not tat up as well as the Milford or Lizbeth.