Thursday, 17 March 2011

A note from a blog reader

Last week a blog reader S sent me an e-mail telling me how much she enjoyed this blog. I do thank her for sharing her thoughts about it. Now S is picking up tatting again and she needs all the encouragement. She asked about the Mary Konior patterns which I have tatted.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, it is my quest to tat as many Mary Konior's patterns as I could. The last one I tatted was MK#49 here. S pointed out to me that I had two MK#21s here and here. So the next Mary Konior pattern I tat should be numbered MK#51. Thank you for letting me know. It made me review and it took me about a year to tat 50 Mary Konior patterns.
I think starting with Mary Konior's pattern is a wonderful start. So S, this shuttle is my gift to you. I hope it will inspire you further.


  1. Very nice to send a shuttle to S (and spread the tatting addiction!)

  2. I just love Mark Konior's patters. It's so fun to see a pattern, see the name and what book it's from and find that I have it!! I am blessed to have 3 of her books. have tatted 50, awesome!

  3. So, it took a YEAR to do 50??!! Well, YOU are such a wonderful INSPIRATION!! And what have you used them all for??!!

  4. I received the beautiful shuttle today - WOW, such CUTE BLING! And it was tied up with a LOVELY purple and pink yarn -- a took a picture of the shuttle lying in the yarn - I'll try to add it to a blog post on InTatters ;-) I haven't tried a Mary Konior pattern yet, so I've been waiting for THIS shuttle, since my MK research is why the shuttle came to me! Thanks, Wendy, for your encouragement!!! ~Tatikan/Sher