Friday, 25 March 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #11

A unique pattern for a snowflake. This is Myra Piper's pattern No. 14. on page 5. Notice the 3 rings which looks like an 'inverted clover'. I have never seen this in other patterns which I have tatted before.


  1. I've seen this at the end of something, like a bookmark, to turn, or to make a sharp curve. Some kind of hat or maybe a bonnet seems to be rattling around in my memory.

    Did you notice this has 7 points too? I seem to remember a lot of her patterns had an odd number.

  2. Awesome!!! I love the look of that snowflake! :)
    Your collection of snowflakes is becoming quite spetacular!

  3. I noticed that the 3 rings that look like an "inverted clover" also look like the top of a heart. I don't remember seeing this done before either. Interesting!

  4. Gina, Myra's pattern had only 6 points, I got carried away and added one more.

    God's Kid, Thank you . I am having fun tatting them. All thanks to Tatting-Marie.

    Hi Tatting-Marie, There is another pattern in the same book with this 'inverted clover'. Hope to tat that very soon.

  5. I think I have tatted this and not even noticed that! It is pretty.
    Fox : )