Friday 23 July 2010

Surprise package from Gina

This month I made quite a number of online purchases and was eagerly looking out for the post to arrive. Imagine my surprise when I got a box from Gina. I was thrilled and wondered what I did to deserve this. Thank you Gina for your kind gifts, your thoughts in choosing each one and the lovely packaging.

Gina had a giveaway which I didn't win. I loved the bookmark and the colour. I was amazed at how it was tatted with the large picots and how it was weaved.
Well, Gina made me one with some design modifications. Isn't it gorgeous. I will cherish this.
A tatted edging was used to embellish the Ginseng and ginger bath tea sachet. I do not have a bath tub at home but rest assured the next time we travel, I will be bringing this along to soak in the hotel bath. I love how the button is incorporated. Lovely, lovely!!

Gina noticed I used fancy knitting yarn to tie my little packages and she shared with me this one from her stash. I love the sunset colours.

And look, how thoughful of her to gift me these. These booklets published by Karey Solomon are also going with me on my next holiday with a shuttle and some threads. Inside tatting patterns for small projects, perfect for when one is on holiday but still feel the need to tat late at night.

The remaining ball of thread from the bookmark Gina tatted because I liked the colour so much. Thank you!! I love the colour. We do get Coats threads in Singapore but not this range which is made in UK. I like using red threads for tatting especially if I am going to give the piece away. Red is an auspicious color.

And because I talk about my cats so much, cat theme notepad and beads. The notepad is small and light enough for me to put in my handbag. The cat beads are so unique. When I create something with them, I will share.
Thank you so much Gina!!


  1. That's a great gift! Its fun to receive gifts without a reason.

  2. Gina's package was a box full of treasure! Enjoy all the new goodies.

  3. I'm glad you like them. Now - you have to find a reason to travel!

  4. wow - what a lovely surprise! That bookmark is *amazing*. Also, I love the idea of using a tatted edging like a ribbon, around the sachet. How nice!

  5. What a wonderful surprise to receive all of those goodies. Lucky you!

  6. What a wonderful package! I love Karey Solomon's Tatting Times. Several of her patterns are among my favorites.

  7. What a great package, Gina id the best. The bookmark is gorgeous. Wonder who designed it.