Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Patchwork Tatting Project 2014 (WIP 1)

It has started. This project of the B series of Adelheid Dangela's Occhi-Patchwork. It is a group of patterns which can be joined together to produce a patchwork of tatting. So far I used the original Belle motif I tatted earlier in juicy watermelon, with two brand new Brabant motif in lime green medium and one brand new Brussel motif in pink blossoms. I decided not to tat the onion rings and went with normal chains around the first ring. I'm happier.

What's next to join this patchwork?


  1. Oh is that bright and beautiful!!!! :)

  2. Looking lovely and I like the way the patterns inter link with each other.

  3. Lovely colors! I guess I should dust off this book and give the patterns a try!