Monday, 24 March 2014

Old Media

My father's old Sony radio which he lent mom when he was on overseas training. Mom said he had no worldly possessions then except for that radio.

Then came the Sanyo digital clock and radio. I remember staring at it wondering when my baby brother would fall asleep so that I could do my homework.

That Philips TV was my sister's distraction when she was living on campus.

Mom was asking who was willing to take these off her during her last spring cleaning. She even had one piece of tatting to give away. 


  1. When you look back and see what we used then and what we have now it's totally a different world

  2. We valued our meagre electrical goods then, now is so different as we have become such a throw away society. What is going to happen to these items? They have almost become muesum pieces but have such personnel stories connected with them.