Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Blue Skies in February

February 2014 was Singapore's driest month since 1869 according to the authorities. But it did not feel so uncomfortable as it was also the windiest month recorded in the last 30 years and the lowest ever daily relative humidity of 74.5%. The plants are parched but the humans are fine. We have NEWater.

Above is a snapshot of the Singapore Flyer in the distant, among more hotels and the Suntec Convention Centre (left side with big screen). 

Normally, the temperature is always above 30 degrees Celsius in the day and a cooler 26 degrees in the night. Sometimes windy and when it rains, it pours (most of the time). Humidity is always high. 

Sounds uncomfortable? No worries, as we have an underground shopping mall from here to there in air conditioned comfort.

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  1. I would perish! I love the outdoors and cannot abide air-conditioning!