Monday, 15 August 2011

Wall Water Feature & a Temple

I had to run an errand in Shenton Way (central business district) and was waiting for the green man crossing when I noticed this. I remember seeing it, the last time I was here, which was probably years ago. Since I had my camera, I just snapped away. It was a hot sunny morning but it should be cooler near the wall. I was not the only one taking photos of this water feature.

After crossing, I noticed this on the opposite side of the road. There was this little temple in between all the tall buildings. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures thank you for sharing such lovely buildings, the water feature looks beautiful

  2. Ah Wendy, this waterfall feature is outside the Citibank and the temple across the street, and these are walking distance from my office! Cool that you noticed them. If you get a chance, I'm sure you'll love the old houses along Amoy St and Telok Ayer. Get your camera handy. :)