Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Afternoon Coffee Again

Afternoon coffee with a friend at an Italian Paticceria & Confeteria where they served tiny pastries. It isn't often I have coffee with a friend but when we do, it is fun. Busy people keep busy schedules.

I keep forgetting that there isn't a macro lens on my phone camera. From left to right - Mini Sacher, Cannoli Siciliana, Cannoncini and Bigne Chantilly. My favourites were the Cannoli and Cannoncini.


  1. Fortunately I just ate or I'd be tempted to run to the closest pastry shop!

  2. Oh I can just taste them, they look so yummy,
    Hope you had a nice chat while you eat them

  3. I am sitting here after comsuming a full supper and those scrumptious pastries are STILL making my mouth water. Such lovely treats for a coffee outing!