Monday, 1 August 2011

Lotus Root Soup

In school, many years back, we were asked to bring this for art class. We used it for stamping on our art block paper. Other vegetables for this art class were the humble potato and the okra/ladies fingers. Oh, you could also use the banana leaf stems/petioles.

No, I was not doing any art, just reminiscing while cooking some lotus root soup. You can boil these with some stock bones, peanuts, dates and dried squid/octopus.

I also love sliced lotus roots in tempura but not all Japanese restaurants here serve lotus root tempura.

What is your favourite lotus root dish?


  1. I love it most with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sesame seeds and oil. I did never try it with peanuts, dates and squid. Sounds interesting.

  2. I have never had lotus root - but the soup sounds delicious!

  3. I have never had lotus root, but I do love tempura, zucchini, onion, bamboo, watercress, eggplant, (not okra) lol, just about anything else though :)even tomatoes!

  4. I myself have not had the root either, but I will look for it because making a the lotus root tempura sounds really wonderful!

  5. Sorry I have not had Lotus root, I like the flowers, but Lotus root is not in out shops, the soup sounds lovely. I have eaten Octupus in Spain many times.

  6. You must all try it! What Petra described reminded me of a pickled lotus root salad I once had.