Saturday, 27 August 2011

Knitted Tea Cosies

Just yesterday I saw a local shop in Singapore selling tea cosies. It had to explain what a tea cosy was used for. I was smiling because I had just received these in the mail from Tafferty Designs who has a shop on Etsy here. When I saw these tea cosies, I could not resist them.

These are for 'tea-for-one' teapots. Are they not adorable? They are made to order and Judith was really lovely to make one in royal purple just for me. Which colour do you prefer? One of my teapots is smaller than the other. The tea cosies are the same size.

We do not use tea cosies anymore but I remember one was used in our house when my sister and I were kids. It was for the pot of coffee that my grandmother would make each morning for breakfast.


  1. These are cute! We don't typically use tea cozies either but I have seen them used in some tea shops. I rarely even make hot tea so my teapots are just to look at and admire.

  2. those are cute Wendy,
    you find the neatest things to share with us. Thanks

  3. Wow..I am thrilled to bits that you like your tea cosies! :-) The colour combination you chose has generated a lot of interest, so I have you to thank for that! :-) I love Umi and Tsuru..they are gorgeous!

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate the positive feedback. It means a lot! :-)

  4. Hi Gina, Ladytats and Jane S,
    They are so cute sitting pretty in the kitchen cupboards too.

    Hi Judith,
    Thank you for visiting. Umi and Tsuru are thrilled to show off your tea cosy creations. Come back anytime to visit.