Tuesday, 5 July 2011

King of Fruits

You either love them or hate them.

This is a sign at the local supermarket in Kuala Lumpur. We were not shopping for durians there but came across this sign which is quite useful. However you need to trust your durian seller when he tells you that the durian is of a certain variety as they are not officially labelled. It is now allowed for export to China and as demand increases, prices will rise.

Have you had a good durian today?


  1. Oh my god. When I have been to Thailand I tried to eat a bit of this fruit. I could not stand the horrible smell. But a friend of mine found it quite good ... seemed a bit strange to me ;-)))

  2. I'm curious now, because you didn't tell us whether you love them or hate them!

  3. I saw those on TV. Probably not something I could ever eat (extraordinarily picky). But they're pretty interesting!


  4. Hmm, I had a craving so bought some a few nights ago. Turned out disappointing. My favourite is the bitter-sweet type. What's yours?

  5. Durian is a tropical fruit with thorns and creamy flesh around large seeds. I love the bitter sweet tasting ones too.

    The smell is quite strong and the fruit is banned in hotels and trains. If you have it in your air-con car it will take some time before the smell dissipates.

  6. Not too crazy about the smell - love the fruit though!

  7. My mother, when we lived in KL in the 50's, used to make durian ice cream - it was delicious, and there was no smell that way!
    I lived for 10 years at 149 Ampang Road, and I have been told that the old house is still there, but is a restaurant now!