Friday, 11 February 2011

Small Tatted Heart

Thank you Betsy Evans for this small tatted heart pattern. The shape of the heart is just lovely and I am amazed at how she created the pattern to allow the chains to flow. If you have not tatted it, I highly recommend it.

I found some minor corrections (Ring #3: 6+4-4-6 and Ring #13: 4+4-2) to the pattern.

The black one (Milford Size 40) was tatted first with one mistake (so I thought). I went on to tat the red one (Lizbeth Size 40 Red Burst #147) to correct my earlier mistake and apparently totally satisfied with myself, I started blocking both and realised another mistake found in both. And you see the third heart in Lizbeth Size 20 Sea Shell (#114) which is still wrong (see Ring #13). So the last heart in Lizbeth Size 20 Shell Pink Medium (#627) is hopefully correct, otherwise I am going to


  1. It is a beautiful design that is worth the effort. I love the delicate look of this heart. I've tatted it in the past and failed to notice the errors or somehow avoided them in the way I used the pattern. With symmetrical designs, I often follow the diagram and the counts I used on the first half. In fact, I often write them in on the pattern so I can move along with just a glance.

  2. Those hearts are lovely! Great timing for Valentine's Day! :)

  3. Thanks for the pattern:) Lovely hearts :)