Saturday, 19 February 2011

Second Attempt

Does this look more like the photo in the book. What am I talking about? This!! Getting the chains to entwine.
I thought all I had to do was block it correctly but I just realised it is not so, silly!! It should entwine meaning some celtic tatting. I could not see it from the diagram in the book and the Japanese instructions. So this means I have to tat this again.
I am beginning to think that, this is the way I am going, starting this year, with my tatting. I have to tat each pattern a few times to get it right. Where is my concentration?


  1. I love the patterns in the Japanese books but unfortunately, there are details that are missed because of the language barrier. The diagrams are good but they can't or don't always explain something like this.

  2. I like that! And I like the first one you tatted too! :)

  3. I am not giving up. I will do the third one. Thanks Gina. I needed that.

    God's Kid, I think they both look different. Thank you.

  4. With Japanese patterns I have to spend a lot of time, often making notes, BEFORE I even load the shuttles.

    Gina is right - there is often something overlooked because of the language barrier.

    But, I find if I spend enough time at the beginning, I save myself a lot of grief later!

    This is really pretty and I love the colour!
    Fox : )

  5. Trust me: you are not the only one that has to tat pieces twice or three times before it is right. But don't be shy: your work is great!

  6. Thank you for your encouraging comments, Fox and Tattingrid.