Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #4

I have been distracted from my snowflakes. But that is fine.

This one is from Sumi Fujishige's Tatting Lace Book on page 12 and 53. If you have flipped through this book, did you notice the Clover pastel shuttles photographed in this book? This book was first printed in June 2010.

There I go, getting distracted again. This snowflake has long chains which should entwine. Mine unfortunately did not. The centre was a little misleading as it looked so much like a circle in the book photo but when you tat it up, you realise it is not. Quite fast to tat up too.


  1. You tatted this very neatly. All the "arms" have the same length and regular stitches. Wished I could do that!

  2. I was surprised myself. My chains are usually in different lengths. Hope I can do it again.

  3. Beautiful snowflake )

    I've bought this book in summer, but tried to make the doily from the cover... with poor result. But I liked the one from page 28 )

  4. Hi Elena,

    The doily on the cover looks lovely but I would think twice before attempting it. It is too challenging for me. The pattern on page 28 was the first pattern I tried from this book but it got so repetitve I had to stop. I will complete it one day. One day!