Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Button Lamb

This is Martha Ess' button lamb pattern. It was a link from Jane's pattern page. The lamb I tatted had tiny eyes, too tiny for its body and the picot for the ears should be more prominent. But if I did not tell you what it was, would you guess it was a lamb? It is a cute little pattern. I did this in size 8 thread and the button measured 0.6 inches across and the lamb measured slightly less than 2 inches across. I may tat this again to get the proportions right.


  1. Martha's lamb is very sweet. And Yes, you can tell it's a lamb. I have made lots of these for notecards. With Easter approaching soon, I will be making more of them. Have a great day!

  2. that is cute, but I'll admit that at first glance I thought it was a cute tea pot

  3. It's very cute. As you labeled your post "Button Lamb" I assumed it was a lamb but it did take me a moment to 'see' it. I like it anyway: )