Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tatted Flowers for Judy

I thought these could look like rose buds so I tatted these for Judy of CJ Stitching and Blooms when she requested for some tatted roses for an exchange. I waited till she received them before posting these. The buds are actually the magnolia centres from Nancy Tracy's magnolia blooms.
I also included other flowers:

Adapted from Lindsay Roger's Delphinium pattern from Tatting Collage.

Mary Konior's bud fragments.

Mary Konior's Queen Anne's Lace.


  1. LOL! Except for the roses, it looks like you raided my baggies and tins of little tatted samples. I probably haven't done the Queen Anne's Lace tho I love it. Wonderful!

  2. I read Judy's blog that how im a follower of yours now.....such beautiful work.

  3. Everything is pretty, but what thread/colors were used on the Delphinium? They look like HDT

  4. That is beautiful - the Queen Anne's Lace. I love it and now will have to tat it!

    Maybe I should stay away from your blog, because I have been trying to get to Jane's Flurry snowflake and keep seeing other things. so off it goes to the bottom of the pile again. Maybe you should tat it and them n I would have no choice!
    Fox : )

  5. I included the flowers Judy saw in Prince Edward Island, Gina.

    Welcome Jensters. Please visit often.

    Hi Lily, yes it's Lizbeth new colour threads: Berry Burst and Fruit Fizz.

    Hi Fox,
    LOL. You are hilarious. I will have a look at Jane's Flurry snowflake and let you know. I'm tatting teapots at the moment.

  6. Hello Wendy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL those beautiful tatted creations. I love them all. The 3D roses are beyond gorgeous and the Lupins and Queen Anne Lace will always remind me of PEI. thanks My Dear Friend. Hugs Judy

  7. Your work is exquisite, just love the tatted roses. I found your link on Judy's blog,

  8. little charming things :) very beautiful!

  9. Such awesome flowers have brightened my day! :)

  10. These rose buds are so beautiful.
    So are the I hope I can make these too. *o.o*

  11. you do such gorgeous work, I always have tatting envy after looking at your blog.

  12. ah, one of the first few doilies i tatted from a book was queen anne's lace! it's lovely!

    coincidentally i'm tatting martha's pumpkin teapot... mostly on the MRT rides. you are so productive, wendy, tatting ever so many motifs and all so pretty.