Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Woven Picot Bookmark

I had to use a paper clip to hold the picots after weaving. I think my picots were a little too short so the weaving was a little tricky. Ensure that the picots are not twisted before joining. This will make the weaving flat and pretty.

After blocking, the weaving looked fine but the ends of the bookmark had picots which were too large. I got a little carried away. What do you think? I would have preferred the end chains to be shorter with normal sized picots.


  1. It looks great for a first try!!!! :)

  2. I am nearly to one end and looking at your picots mine look too big, I forgot my Pictor gauge I made so I ended asking the hotel for a ruler and measuring out 2 cms and making a new one, thanks for paper clip I do have one or two with me in my tatting bag.
    I like your weaving I just hope I can do a good job with mine

  3. Oh I see I love this one too but I too did same thing and thought my thread was too large and I was confused by this too. love the paperclip idea too!