Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Fussy Tsuru

The shoe box burst open so we got her a bigger box. Just like her fussy behaviour about her food, the box was coincidently from the canned food. She loves her box so much that she has begun sinking her teeth in it. The canned food, . . . . not so much, she turns up her nose on it.


  1. I brought over a basket for my daughter around Easter and the cat took ownership of the basket and sleeps in it even though it seems a tad too small :)

  2. Cats - they like what they like and you just can't convince them otherwise. I suppose if she gets hungry enough she'll eat it. But at least she likes the box!

  3. oh my goodness, she has her own front door mat!! - I wouldn't dare suggest that she is a spoiled pussycat, but...... : )

    There is a coffee shop called Tsuru in our local centre!

  4. Dear Tsuru,
    I love my shoe box too!
    Gian : )

    p.s. From my Human: Pretty motif!

  5. Thanks for the laugh, I don't know these animals and there loves and dislikes.