Friday, 21 November 2014

CHIJMES Ready for Christmas 2014

This is the frontage of CHIJMES. Christmas decorations are up. A simple bauble wreath and doves and bells.


  1. Very pretty wreath. Where is Chijmes? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful display
    Thank you for sharing the photo

  3. The church really stands out in front of that building! Less is more!

  4. Again, you sent me running to the internet to get more information! I was intrigued by the spelling, but learned it is pronounced just like 'chimes'. What a fantastic structure - formerly a convent!! Different photos show it from every angle! Just gorgeous - and huge!! I'm glad it is being utilized and appreciated, and is not just a 'museum'. Thanks again for taking me around the world to places I would never otherwise know about!