Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tatted Earrings #7

This is the last pair I tatted. You will have to wait a while before the earring muse comes to visit again. This one is red and gold. Enjoy!


  1. Wow these earrings are gorgeous! Is it your own patternA. Are you willing to share?

  2. Wow what beautiful earrings, love the colour

  3. Very very the red and amber colors you chose!

  4. So pretty! The beads really look golden - not like the glass ones I have been able to find.

    I love the diamond shape as well. I always think of tatting in circles and am surprised by corners. They look great.

    Linda R

  5. This is pretty much free hand tatting with no particular pattern. I did mostly 2-1--1-2 beads 2-1--1-2 + (to filigree). I follow the outline of the filigree and improvise for the centre. Requires a bit of patience to get the thread through the tiny spaces of the filigree. Glad you liked this pair.