Monday, 2 July 2012

Ladder of Flowers

Tatted in Sun Dappled Forest Perle Size 12 

Tatted in Milford Black Size 20

Strung through velvet covered headbands

This pattern is from Julie Patterson's book Just Marking Tome. The first one I tatted was with threads from Elena. What a lovely shade of sun dappled forest. I thought I had enough thread to make a fourth flower but I was wrong so you see the picots in the last two rings which are not in the pattern. I could continue and make two more flowers to cover more of the headband. I tatted four flowers with the black one. You could also slip a satin ribbon through them.


  1. I was wondering what you would post next... these are pretty!
    Fox : )

  2. That looks really nice!! :)

  3. They are lovely, I love the coloured thread, what a pity you have finished it all up.

  4. Very clever design to allow a ribbon or a headband to weave through it, and pretty threads and beads! This also has a lot of possibilities!

  5. Oh, these headbands are lovely. What a clever idea?