Thursday, 22 September 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #41

I could not help myself. Gina, are you laughing at me? Refer..... here!

This measured up quite small, approximately 2 inches across. I really love the effect of tatting 1 ds in between the rings. This one is pattern No. 13 from Myra Piper's book on page 5. It needed about 2.5m on the shuttle.


  1. So pretty!

    This shows the negative so well on the dark background.

    Yes, the one stitch is effective - I would love to feel how tightly or loosely you tatted this! Your tension is so perfect and I wonder if I am tatting too tightly now... And yet, the tatting I have of yours is very tightly done... I am still trying to figure the tension thing out.

    Also, how do you get your picots to be in that shape? Are they blocked that long and narrow way or do you make them behave like that?
    Fox : )

  2. Thank you. It is a great pattern.

    I make them behave just like Umi and Tsuru, Fox.

    Yes, I pin each picot, wet it with water and let it air dry overnight.

  3. You are really tatting up a "snow storm" of snowflakes for your Mom's Christmas tree. I know she will be delighted with all that you have made. I hope you take a picture of her tree this year to show us. Can't wait to see what you tat next for her.

  4. Beautiful pattern, I love the shape something different to the ususal round shape.

  5. Oh I knew you couldn't quit! I like it with that extra stitch too.