Friday, 28 September 2018

Tatting on K Drama

I watch Korean Drama quite frequently. I was flipping channels one night on the cable tv and came across this. I was not following this series but was surprised to see tatting worn here. Quite elegant. She had the same black bracelet on the other wrist too. Sorry for the blurred photo as I had to quickly take a photo from the tv screen. The K drama is called Another Miss Oh.


  1. I think that's an excellent photo! I wonder how the pieces were chosen as part of the 'wardrobe'. Nice to see it in a 'modern' time period and not in the usual
    old-fashioned setting, indicating an acceptance of tatted lace as elegant, modern jewelry! Of course, they might not know it is tatting, but I think they do, as making tatted lace is now very popular there.

  2. I like her glasses too! How amazing to get the picture from a TV screen, you must have had your phone right next to you!

  3. Isn't that wonderful? Well-spotted!