Thursday, 4 January 2018

Christmas Trees

These real trees outside a restaurant had simple decor and lights. 

Are these cardinals? Artificial though.

Simple but pretty


  1. Male cardinals here in the US are bright red all over and have a distinctive 'crest' on their heads, with a black outline around their yellow beaks. Their female companions are more muted in the red color and also have the distinctive crest.
    The sweet birds in your photo seem to be fanciful imaginations of the artist, although there are many birds in nature that seem almost unreal in their colors!

    Sometimes simple decorations are the best!

  2. Not cardinals - they are solid red with black beak.
    Pretty though!

  3. No, cardinals are red all over with a stuffed crown on there head. Except for the girl one more of a dirty red. They mate for life. Looks like they were starting to make a partrige but there tops are Brown but there shape is like that☺🐦☺

  4. Thank you for your response on the birds. Not cardinals but an imaginary species. Still lovely!

  5. Lovely trees. I figure the artist was thinking of partridge birds and giving them a bit of cheery color. My family and I celebrate all 12 days of Christmas with a lively 12th Night party to send us on to the New Year. I must come up with a Pear Tree to decorate next year!