Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Now It's Right

Hours of tatting later, its half done. It will have to wait.

I think the dark ocean turquoise (Lizbeth size 40 #657) is less of a sore eye now.

Tonight is our family reunion dinner. Most people have to travel home for this. It is often a temporary human migration of sorts. If you are having a meal with family, enjoy happy conversations.


  1. Die Decke wird bestimmt sehr schön, Sie haben ein tolles Garn gewählt. Es gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Lieben Gruß von Cornelia

  2. Your doily is looking good, it is fun to see the different color combinations many people have been trying. Enjoy your Family and have a wonderful time :)

  3. Yes I agree that is better. Looking good
    Hope you enjoyed your meal.