Saturday, 22 February 2014

Concoction Bracelet

Another pattern from Marilee's new book. I thought it matched so well with the Melange earrings. I might have to change the bracelet toggle clasp as it is making the bracelet too long. The bracelet is also too light for the clasp. I think a heart lobster clasp would be lovely and more secure. What do you think?

The bracelet without the clasp is already 7.5 inches in length and the heart lobster clasp adds another 0.5 inch. I hope it fits the person I am presenting this to.

You could also convert the bracelet into a choker. All you have to do is string a silk ribbon through the end loops and tie. That way you can tie it round your wrist or neck.


  1. Love your choice of colors too! and the beads look unique!

  2. That is a very nice set, and the ribbon would make the bracelet more versatile

  3. The earrings do go well with the bracelet. Makes a lovely set.

  4. Lovely bracelet and earring set. Lovely colour, Perhaps a different clasp would be better.

  5. Very pretty. I like the magnetic clasps for bracelets, as they are easy to do with one hand, and usually pretty lightweight.