Saturday, 1 February 2014

Clean, Cook, Tat

I would rather cook or bake than clean house but I would rather tat than cook. Do you know where I am going with this? 

At certain times of the year, for me at least, I need to do all three at once. That is what I have been doing for the past weekends. Luckily it is only once or twice a year. Other times of the year, I just tat.

This is my kitchen window. These curtains have been hanging for ages. Last week I finally took them down to wash and dusted the windows. They are back up and it looks cleaner.

I also cleared the back balcony and threw some stuff away. Stuff just collects and it gets dusty.

Cook / Bake
I made the kueh pie tee cups again this year, cooked the vegetable filling and the same filling can also be used to make popiah. My sister will be preparing the rest of the garnishing for the popiah as we will be having it at her home.

I made sugee cake. Full of semolina flour and almond meal. It has a crunch when you bite into it. I love the texture. One for each of my siblings and of course mom.

You know I have been tatting. I do not have to get hot and sweaty and tired after tatting. That is why I prefer it. After all that cleaning and cooking, it is time to relax and rest my feet. Tatting a new pattern is my favourite thing to do.

Happy New Year!
Its time to eat and give away tatting.


  1. I know what you mean about cleaning cooking and tatting that is why I don't post pictures of my house ha ha ha. beautiful curtain and clean window and wow, I looked out your window, you must be in heaven or snowbound ? :) that looks like lot's of snow!

    1. No, we never get snow here. It is always sunny or raining. That is the wall. Yes, my window faces a wall. That is apartment living.

  2. Happy New Year,
    enjoy the family get together and have lots of fun tatting.
    Putting up your feet is so important. he he

  3. I like your order of doing things, as it coincides with my preferences. I'm sitting with my feet up right now, getting ready to tat!

  4. You and me are the same, I would rather tat than clean. Have a lovely tatting weekend.

  5. Like-minded people who prefers tatting above all else. Now what do we love to do more than tatting?