Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Silk embroidered painting

I got this as a gift (top) from my youngest brother and sister-in law this Christmas. They bought this in Hong Kong. I bought a magnet (bottom) from Shanghai with the same scene. What a coincidence.

I often think my brother and I have similar likes and dislikes. We were born twelve years apart, under the same Chinese zodiac animal and we also share the same zodiac with both our parents.

And just a few days ago I saw a lady embroidering such paintings at Chinatown Point. Very pretty. The lady would use silk threads and individually sew in the each brush stroke.


  1. How fun that you had already purchased the magnet, LOL! The silk painting looks beautiful! What a gifted artist she is!

  2. Are these both of them, the one your brother bought and the one you bought? Clearly they are the same scene, just different color/detail interpretations! Speaking of all those coincidences, did you see your posting time, 22:22? double 1's and double 2's especially are master numbers in numerology, meaning they carry more weight or significance than when they stand alone. Just a bit of trivia for you. LOL!

  3. Wow it is really pretty. I am catching up on all your posts...I can't believe I have missed so many. The baby is especially cute!

  4. Yes the silk painting is the top photo and the magnet is the bottom. I think he bought it first. It is such a coincidence. I did not notice the post time either, Gina. Thanks for your comments. Sherry, glad you're well enough to blog.