Sunday, 24 December 2017

New Tatting Books

I ordered these on Amazon just before Black Friday and it arrived last week. Finally I have new patterns to play with. It will have to wait till the festivities are over. I am currently tatting the Josephine doily which is taking longer than expected.

I hope you are having a fun time with family and friends during these holidays. 


  1. Very attractive designs - a nice arrival for the holidays.

    I assume you are having your usual warm weather! Are your sister and niece still making those fabulous cakes?

    Have a Happy Holiday!

  2. You will love those books. I have them. They are wonderful just to browse through.

  3. I am sure that everything you tat from those books will be gorgeous!! :) Happy Holidays to you!! :)

  4. They look interesting, I look forward to seeing what you tat from them