Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Yellow Bouquet

This is what arrived from Lace-lovin' Librarian two days ago. Thank you Diane. I think it is going to be a white edging for this lovely hanky. Will it be a pattern from Susanne Schwenke, Mary Konior or Angeline Crichlow? I have yet to decide. I am just wondering if anyone has had more than one edging project tatted at the same time?


  1. Hmmm... right now I have Hen & Chick by Mary Konior, Cottage Border by Mary Konior, Edging No. 1 by Bessie Attenborough... I guess my answer is yes!

  2. For a moment I thought you had quite lost it... two edgings at the same time! The, i realized this just might be a terrific idea! break up the monotony with two HUGE projects!
    : ))

    Really, I think it is a good idea and no, I have never done it, though when tatting a baby bonnet (worse than a hankie for frustration) I did do other smaller projects as well. Had to.
    Fox : )

    p.s. That is a beautiful hankie. I love the design. Very pretty.

  3. Diane is tatting 3 edgings at the same time. Fox is thinking it might be a good idea. I think I will try it after I finish my current one. I shall start two hanky edgings at the same time and if I do not finish either, you can call me hare-brained.